ABOUT Neptune

Neptune the floating movable villa, is one of the most exquisite worldwide boat home with luxury unique designs allows you to enjoy comfortability and panoramic views. An innovation created by top class marine engineers and the determination to create the impossible. The boat villa is about 10,333sq/ft area designed with the best smart home system. The boat villa has a muted engine room which allows you to move it to any spot in the world enjoying serenity and calmness. The luxury boat villa consists of :
-2 Floors + Roof

-4 Bedrooms & 6 Bathrooms

-Maid & Crew Rooms

-Infinity Pool

-Indoor & Outdoor living rooms

Enjoy the freedom by cruising in bays, water waves or open sea with Neptune your moving villa to any marina in the world and re-connect with the nature.

Services & Maintenance

  • Being a company with a wide experience in ship building and ship repair, you will not need to worry about the maintenance as our crew will be available at any time on board to fix whatever needs to be repaired. You will not need to worry about the maintenance as Neptune is equipped with the best products with warranty provided.
  • When maintenance is needed our team of certified technicians are ready to help and get you back out on the water. These experts will exceed your expectations for repairs, restoration, maintenance and customer service.
  • Seagate Shipyard has a full inventory of parts and accessories to repair and maintain your Neptune boat villa.



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