Ship Building & Repair

Ship Building & Ship Repair

From providing world-class service with factory-certified technicians to finding marina slips and dry storage locations, Seagate Shipyard team will always be there.Our service team consists of factory-certified technicians who understand that not only do you want to keep your boat running smoothly, but that your boat is also an investment. Our top-notch team and facilities will keep your boat in top shape.

Ship Building 

The basic design stage transforms the vessel concept into a technically sound and safe to build vessel design. From developing scantlings to stabilizing the calculations. In addition to the basic design, Seagate Shipyard usually work on the structural drawings in accordance with rules and regulations issued by the designated classification society, flag or other related authority. We have made a strong point out building up our team with skilled engineers who have previously worked with Giza Shipyard in Egypt to ensure that we understand class requirements up to the most intimate detail. The result, speedier approval and fewer to none comments on our deliverables.

Ship Repair

  • Integrated solutions for port operational, technical and administrative management.
  • Provision and management of customer defined vessels, supply/utility boats and tugs.
  • Manning of vessels, for long and short-term operations.
  • Consultancy for sales, purchases, insurances, P&I and registration matters.
  • Building crafts for sales, lease and long-term charters.
  • Facilitating marine vessels’ dry-docking, refits and repairs both locally and abroad.
  • Provision of rider squads with tools and equipment to perform on-voyage repair services.
  • Dredging and pile driving for in and off-shore coastal facilities.
  • Operation and maintenance of port communication, navigation and meteorological facilities.
  • Inspections, restoration & refurbishment of vessels and port equipment, locally & via international partners.
  • Operation & maintenance of fuel, oil, loading & bulk cargo handling systems.

Seagate Shipyard

Seagate Shipyard is a fully integrated shipyard providing shipbuilding, ship repair, and engineering solutions to serve the offshore and marine industry around the world.