Who we are

Who we are

In our world of facing the challenge we are using our passion in building floating facilities to become the core of alternative eco-friendly and sustainable products yet with a taste of luxury and elegance.   

Seagate Shipyard is company established in 2017 and designed for today’s era by El Bahrawy Group. El Bahrawy group is a group of companies having Seagate Shipyard, Hotel & Apartment property (HAP), SM law firm all operating in the UAE and Giza Shipyard in Egypt. El Bahrawy group has 40 years of experience with floating and touristic facilities.  Our story started in Egypt in 1983 as Giza Shipyard, where we started building over 600 floating facilities from hotels to restaurants coming into great resorts. Seagate Shipyard being the most recentsubsidiary of El Bahrawy group comes with the knowledge of a global leading shipbuilder in the construction of offshore vessels of both steel and aluminum that serve worldwide offshore, ports and security operations. Committed to quality, Seagate Shipyard has been in the shipbuilding industry since 2017 in UAE utilizing state of the art engineering solutions and advanced shipbuilding technologies. We are dedicated to deliver built to order ships ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, whilst maintaining competitive.

In more than 10 countries around the globe, Seagate Shipyard aided in building some of the world’s biggest ships, repairing delicate ship cases, and maintaining other mechanical fittings such as general steel services.  


We are proud to have the Marine Classification Societies Award as a result of trust and excellence marine services provided by our clients. Over the years and until today Seagate Shipyard, subsidiary of El Bahrawy group guarantees to always offer the best marine maintenance services from ship building to repairing the minimalist ship details.  

With proven competencies in the marine industry, Seagate Shipyard by El Bahrawy Group sets the standards high unto shaping a new taste of luxury, Excellency and ship design.

Our Vision

To build the world most innovative creation with a taste of luxury and uniqueness. 


Seagate Shipyard

Seagate Shipyard is a fully integrated shipyard providing shipbuilding, ship repair, and engineering solutions to serve the offshore and marine industry around the world.