Who we are

Who we are

Seagate shipyard Established in 2017 and designed for today’s era with over 40 years of experience We started in Egypt as Giza Shipyard. El Bahrawy Group is a private sector shipyard established in 1983 we built over 600 floating facilities (hotels, restaurants and resorts) in over 10 countries around the globe. The main activities of El Bahrawy Group are ship building, ship repair, general steel services and mechanical fittings. Giza Shipyard which has been a part of El Bahrawy’s group proud to have customers trust the quality over years such as TRAVCO, Spring Tours, NAS (Bahrain), Egyptian National Railway, and many others. Over years, all of our activities been approved one by one by all Marine Classification Societies.

In a world facing the challenge of the increase of water level in the oceans, we are using our passion in building floating facilities to become the core of alternative eco-friendly and sustainable products


Our Vision

We believe in Innovation. We believe in Luxury.

We believe in Creation. Our main goal is to establish as a leading luxury floating resorts and homes producer and operator leader across the globe.


Seagate Shipyard

Seagate Shipyard is a fully integrated shipyard providing shipbuilding, ship repair, and engineering solutions to serve the offshore and marine industry around the world.